Facilities for your comfort:

  • Cozy rooms
  • Convenient parking
  • Bar and restaurant
  • Health complex
  • Modern utilities
  • Car rental

Local time in Khabarovsk

Driving Directions:
  • Airport - 20 minutes (without traffic)
  • Railway station - 10 minutes
  • Bus station - 5 minutes
  • River port, 15 minutes
  • Khabarovsk downtown - 5-7 minutes




Приглашаем провести мероприятие в обновлённом конференц-зале!

Подробности тут...

Welcome to the Europa Hotel

EUROPA is a new modern hotel in Khabarovsk.

Its 49 comfortable rooms of the utmost beauty and convenience will win your hearts.

The Europa hotel opened in 2012, and now you get an opportunity not only to stay in brand new rooms, but also to estimate all the benefits offered by modern hotels in Europe!

There are no minor details for us, because each detail forms the concept of “satisfaction” and it is of paramount importance to the hospitality!